Juice Wrld's name has been removed from the cover art for one of the late rapper's collabs with his former friend and protege The Kid Laroi. Laroi has since responded.

On Sunday (March 26), a new version of the cover art for Juice Wrld and The Kid Laroi's 2020 song, "Reminds Me of You," began to circulate across the internet. After keen-eyed fans pointed out the fact that Juice Wrld's name was no longer present on the updated artwork for the track, enthusiasts of the two artists began to express their disappointment in the change.

"The recently updated the cover art for Juice Wrld and The Kid Laroi's song 'Reminds Me of You' and removed Juice's name from the cover," a Twitter user who goes by x2bucky posted on Sunday accompanied by side-by-side images of the new cover as it compares to the original.

As more social media users began to stack up the post's thread with questions as to why the "Reminds Me of You" art no longer featured Juice Wrld's name, The Kid Laroi was quick to hit up the replies section before offering up an explanation in a tweet of his own.

"I would never approve of that," replied The Kid Laroi in the comments section of the original tweet. "EVER."

The Australian-born rhymer then took the time to retweet the artwork sans Juice Wrld's moniker, further expressing his own bewilderment and placing the blame on the record label that released the song, Grade A Productions via Interscope Records.

"I had NOTHING to do with this and had no idea it was even a thing until now," declared The Kid Laroi in the tweet below. "I've hit the label and asked them to change it back. I'm sorry and genuinely have no clue why it was changed without my permission."

The fact that The Kid Laroi claims to have had nothing to do with the switch-up to exclude Juice Wrld's name from the "Reminds Me of You" cover art likely comes as no surprise to fans of the two Grade A artists. When the song was released in December 2020, exactly one year after Juice Wrld's untimely passing, Laroi shared the original version of the cover art in question on Instagram along with a message of gratitude for his former mentor.

"Thank you for everything, bro," wrote The Kid Laroi in a since-deleted IG post according to Hypebeast. "Without you, there would be no me. I love and miss you unconditionally."

XXL has reached out to Juice Wrld's team and Interscope Records for comment regarding the matter.

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