GloRilla is addressing rumors she is pregnant after a three-year-old Facebook photo resurfaced on social media.

On Wednesday (Jan. 18), photos of the "F.N.F (Let's Go)" rapper taking a bathroom selfie holding what appears to be a baby bump began circulating online. The photos initially had many people on social media speculating that the Memphis rapper is preggers, until it was determined that the photo is actually a picture she posted on Facebook in 2019.

Fans then brought up a line from Glo's 2022 track "Nut Quick" where she raps the line, "Found out I was prеgnant, got it gone and I ain't fuck since," and assumed the photo was circa that time.


"Why was glorilla really pregnant and got rid of that nigga baby iktr!!" someone else posted.

GloRilla caught wind of the chatter and responded on Facebook.

"Now why am I trending?????" she questioned.

After finding out that the source of her name being viral was the 2019 photo, Glo reacted in the comments of her Facebook post.

"Don't forget I blocks [the fuck] outta people. Don't get blocked for laughs," she posted. "[And] y'all slow [as fuck]. I was [just playing] on [that] picture. Nobody knew when I actually was pregnant till it was gone," she added, insinuating she was only poking out her stomach in the photo but actually had an abortion on another occasion.

Glorilla comments on rumors that she is pregnant.
Gloria Woods/Facebook

Last November, a throwback video of GloRilla working at Checkers surfaced online.

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