Drake was upset after getting a book thrown at him by a fan during a recent tour stop.

Drake Fan Throws Book at Him on Stage

On Aug. 19, Drake's It's All a Blur Tour rolled through San Francisco. During a break in the action, a fan threw a book on stage that nearly hit Drake as he was talking to the crowd. In video of the incident, which can be viewed below, Drake is mid-sentence when what appears to be a copy of his new poetry book Titles Ruin Everything, A Stream of Consciousness by Kenza Samir and Aubrey Graham, comes flying into view. Drizzy instinctively reaches up and grabs the book out of mid-air and promptly scolds the person who threw it.

"You lucky I'm quick," Drake tells the fan. "I woulda help beat your ass if that hit me in the face."

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 Drake Fans Shower Him With Gifts

Drake has been getting showered with items since the beginning of his tour, which launched in July. The item of choice has mostly been bras. Last week, during a tour stop in Inglewood, Calif., Drake's dad gave him a behemoth brassiere as a gag.

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See video of Drake threatening a fan after getting a book thrown at him during a performance on the It's All a Blur Tour below.

Watch Drake Catch a Book Thrown at Him on Stage and Scold a Fan

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