Drake really appreciates his fans. So much so that he surprisingly walked up to some fans waiting overnight for wristbands to his show.

Drake Surprises Fans Waiting Outside for Wristbands to His Show

On Saturday morning (Aug. 19), a TikTok user named @anabellugo6 posted a video of herself and other fans who met Drake while waiting outside San Francisco's Chase Center arena in the wee hours of the morning. They were waiting to get wristbands for his concert tonight. Apparently, fans have been waiting since late Friday evening (Aug. 18) to obtain wristbands that would grant them access to Drake's It's All a Blur Tour and watch his performance in a specific standing area on Saturday.

In the clip, Drizzy pulls up in a black SUV and hops out of the vehicle. He surprisingly walks up to fans who are in shock to see him outside the venue. Like a true superstar, Drake shakes hands and agrees to take pictures with everyone in the crowd.

During his impromptu meet-and-greet, the 6 God reveals that he lost his voice, to which a fan says, "You better have it for tomorrow." Drake assures the fan that his voice would return by tonight's show. He then gives her a big hug. In the end, the video is a heartwarming moment that demonstrates Drake's down-to-earth persona and his love for his fans.

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Drake Was Touched by a Fan Video About Her Journey for a Wristband

Drake may have been influenced to have his impromptu meet-and-greet with fans waiting for wristbands after seeing a video on Instagram.

IG user @k8lynanderson recently shared her Reels video of her journey to get a wristband for one of Drake's shows. In her video, the fan detailed waiting for nearly 10 hours on a curb near the venue (without a tent), enduring intermittent rain, just to be the first person to receive a wristband to the show.

Drake caught wind of @k8lynanderson's video, which you can watch below, and reshared it on his IG Story. The Grammy-winning rapper was moved by her clip that he posted a screenshot of the video and in the caption wrote: "Babe you can't tell me what we had was love when this type of love exists in my life."

Drake fan gets a wristband.

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See Drake surprise fans waiting overnight for wristbands below.

Watch Drake Surprisingly Walk Up and Greet Fans Waiting Overnight for Wristbands to His Show

@anabellugo6 dont lose your voice i need to hear it tomorrow 😭 CANT BELIEVE I MET YOU #drake #chasecenter #sf ♬ original sound - Anabel Lugo

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