Money is the motive for Drake lately. He's been taking huge risks by gambling his massive earnings on sporting events over the last two years, and come out on top—for the most part. The Toronto rapper hasn't dodged losses though, but may have his alter ego to thank for helping him cash out on big bets. Drake's alter ego Anita Max Wynn celebrates his love for gambling.

Since when did Drizzy have a second self? This one has nothing to do with his rhymes. Drake let everyone know about Anita Max Wynn last December when he was vacationing in Turks and Caicos, one of his favorite islands to visit. During his time in Turks, he did a Kick livestream and introduced the world to the special lady.

"This is my alter ego: Anita Max Wynn," the rapper said while showing off a trucker hat decorated with the character who dons a bob cut, bangs and big glasses. Turns out he was selling the hats, which are now sold out.

Anita Max Wynn is inspired by the phrase "I need a max win." Simply put in gambling terms: give me all the money. Drake's love for placing bets inspired this new alter ego. She's a cute cartoon donning a purple sweater, yellow shirt and a red purse likely stacked with all her winnings.

Drake's betting history has been hit or miss. In 2022, he lost $2 million on a UFC title fight. A year later, he was $1.38 million richer for betting on Gervonta Davis to win against Ryan Garcia in a boxing match. This past February, he earned a whopping $1.15 million after betting on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the 2024 Super Bowl. Then in May, he lost $565,000 since he put his money on boxer Tyson Fury to beat Oleksandr Usyk. But he certainly takes home more Ws than Ls. Is he betting with his own money though?

A look at the OVO leader's gambling history shows a connection to online casino and sports betting company Stake. Since 2022, Drake has been open about his love for the gambling game and connection to the company. Showing screenshots of his bets and earnings, plus doing livestreams of him playing games are part of his favorite pastime. Drake's alter ego Anita Max Wynn is really living dreams money can buy.

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Take a look at Drake's alter ego Anita Max Wynn below.

See Drake's Anita Max Wynn Hat

Anita Max Wynn

Watch Drake Introduce His Alter Ego Anita Max Wynn

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