Coi Leray recently rejected a fan who slid into her DMs using A.I.-generated pickup lines.

Coi Leray Responds to Fan's DMs Asking for a Date

On Monday (Aug. 14), a tech-savvy Coi Leray fan hit up the "Players" rapper's direct messages on Instagram to shoot his shot by requesting that Coi join him for a romantic night out. Much to the social media user's surprise, the Boston native entertained the idea of linking up with her newfound admirer.

"Not even lying," the Coi Leray fan writes as he slides into her DMs. "Give me one date and it will be the best night you've ever had."

Coi Leray simply replies: "What's the date?"

Coi Leray Fan Uses Artificial Intelligence to Determine What Might Be the Rapper's Ideal Date

At that point, the fan thought he just might have Coi Leray on the hook. In the video below, the Instagram user explains how he turned to artificial intelligence to come up with an enticing first date between himself and the Trendsetter spitter.

Using the Facemoji Keyboard's A.I. feature, an app that allows users to use the ever-evolving technology to help express themselves, the fan was able to produce a list of suggestions for date ideas. In an attempt to woo Coi Leray, the social media courter decided to go with a date that according to him, "all girls love." A romantic boat trip on the high seas.

"Taking a boat ride and watching the sunset," the Coi Leray fan replied with his robotic request.

Coi Leray Immediately Shuts Down Fan's A.I.-Generated Advances

As it turns out, the enthralled fan's A.I.-generated advances were all for naught. Coi Leray responded to the aquatic date suggestion with the same type of slick wordplay she might use on a new track.

"How about u take a boat ride out of my DMs," Coi Leray writes in the Instagram screenshot below.

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Coi Leray Is Not Shy When It Comes to Interacting With Fans on Social Media

Coi Leray's clever one-liner certainly isn't the first time the "Make My Day" artist has proved that she is not shy when it comes to fan interactions on social media. After a lengthy tirade about keyboard warriors who often make off-color comments regarding her slender frame back in April, Coi let loose on an equally animated rant this past May when people accused her of being "cocky" for believing that the music industry is oversaturated.

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See the video of a fan's failed attempt to hit on Coi Leray below.

Watch a Coi Leray Fan Get Shot Down Trying to Hit on the Rapper Using A.I. Pickup Lines

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