Coi Leray believes the music industry is oversaturated and is clapping back in response to people who are now calling the rapper cocky.

On Monday (May 8) Coi Leray hit up Twitter to let her followers know that there's not enough room in the hip-hop space and beyond when it comes to the music business. While many fans of the "Players" rhymer were quick to agree, others viewed the statement as a moment of arrogance, to which Coi felt the need to set the record straight.

"The music industry is over saturated," Coi Leray tweeted. "Every song is a hit. Everybody is a star."

When a Twitter user took Coi Leray to task by implying that the success she's found within her music career is a result of the very oversaturation she speaks of, the Boston-bred spitter made it known otherwise.

"Y'all buggen," Coi Leray clapped back. "My versatility, my stage presence. My stats. My collabs. My brand deals. Fashion girl. I can dance. Sing. Rap. It's fine if you don't see it now. I'm in no rush for you to notice."

In Coi defending herself and her talents as they pertain to success in the entertainment industry, some keyboard warriors found her sentiments to be "cocky" in nature. To that, the "Blick Blick" artist felt the need to come to her own defense once again."

"I’m not cocky at all," Coi Leray wrote. "I’m human. I should be able to speak how I feel. Look at me like ya sistaaa when you need a have a drink and call. Don’t worry bootsyyy. It’s all love end of the day."

Even within her recently expressed views on the music business, Coi Leray has seen a tremendous amount of success in the industry over the course of the past year. After her debut album, Trendsetter, was named one of the best hip-hop projects of 2022, Coi dropped "Players," at the top of the year, which has since gone on to crack the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

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