Benzino cried during an interview this week while discussing how being called Coi Leray's "deadbeat dad" hurt him.

Benzino Addresses People Who Call Him Coi Leray's "Deadbeat Dad"

On Friday (July 28), the We in Miami Podcast posted a clip on Instagram of their recent unreleased interview with Coi Leray's father, Benzino. In the video below, the father of two gets teary-eyed after one of the podcast hosts, Slim Stunta, asked Benzino if he felt like Coi Leray owed him an apology. In response, the 58-year-old music industry figure added that he has a heart of steel and an ability to forgive and forget before letting out a sob.

"I got thick skin, man," Benzino said in the interview. "I’m one of those people like, let’s just forget it and move forward."

After tears began running down his face, Benzino unveiled how painful it is to hear people call him Coi Leray's "deadbeat dad."

"I went through a lot, man," Benzino said amid the waterworks. "And it was hard for me to be looked upon like I’ve been called all kinds of s**t, but a deadbeat dad? Come on, man."

Despite people's opinions, the Boston native made it known that no matter what he and Coi Leray go through, she'll always hold a special place in his heart because she's family.

"I love my daughter," Benzino continued. "I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to be known as that. I don’t care what people think, but that hurt me. That’s my daughter, I raised her."

Last May, Benzino, and Coi weren't on the best terms after the 26-year-old defended Eminem. Benzino didn't like that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced Eminem as an inductee for the 2022 class. Coi Leray also detailed her and her father's strained relationship during an interview with The Breakfast Club in April of 2022.

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Benzino Sees Coi Leray Perform for the First Time at Rolling Loud Miami

Although the father and daughter duo haven't always seen eye to eye, they seem to be currently getting along. On July 22, Coi Leray had Benzino join an interview she was in after her performances were complete at Rolling Loud Miami. In the clip below, Coi's father expressed how proud he was of her before the rapper admitted that Benzino was seeing her rock the stage for the very first time.

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See Benzino get emotional after discussing his relationship with Coi Leray below.

Watch Benzino Cry While Discussing How Being Called Coi Leray's 'Deadbeat Dad' Hurt Him

Watch Coi Leray Bring Out Her Dad During an Interview at Rolling Loud Miami

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