Hours before she drops her debut album, Trendsetter, Coi Leray is feeling glum. The 2021 XXL Freshman claims her father, Benzino, is threatening her and her mom because she said he went broke during a recent interview.

On Thursday (April 7), Coi Leray jumped on Twitter to share her disappointment in her dad, whom she said is upset over her sit-down with Power 105.1's Breakfast Club on April 6. During the convo, she revealed that while growing up, her dad went broke after his work with The Source magazine, of which he was a former co-owner. The Source went bankrupt in 2006.

"My dad is texting my mom threatening her and me because I said he went broke on the breakfast club on the day of my album release," she tweeted. "I hate to bring this shit to social media but my father need help. Sorry if I offended you on breakfast club but don’t treatment me or my mom because you hate to admit that we went broke after the source."

"Build a fucking bridge and get over it that’s why I don’t even like mentioning his name," the New Jersey native continued. "That’s why I never mentioned his name coming into this industry cause he can’t get over his past and don’t even realize how much he damaging when he does this stuff."

Coi went on to blame the devil for trying to block her happiness ahead of the release of her debut album dropping at midnight tonight. The 24-year-old rapper also urged her dad to grow up and stop bickering with her and her mom.

"The devil is working!!!! THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE when everything is going soo good, here he comes being weird trying to fuck up somebody’s life," she wrote. He texting my mom threatening her talking about some watch. Grow up YOU WAS JUST TRYNA GET HER TO DO GROWING UP HIP HOP !! WE DONT WANT THAT LIFE !!!! She’s tryna be here for me and support me while you tryna find every way to beef with me and suck the life out of me I’m tired."

"I’m your only fucking daughter. You worried about being called broke on the day of my debut album. You ain’t even text me congratulations, you so bitter and evil. Ima pray for you," she added.

On The Breakfast ClubCoi Leray acknowledged that her relationship with her father is not solid. The "No More Parties" rapper also admitted that Benzino’s relationship with the rap industry hasn’t been so positive and is the reason why she doesn’t like to bring up his name in rap circles.

Coi then shared that she wasn’t raised with a silver spoon in her mouth and that her dad struggled financially after leaving The Source and the magazine's bankruptcy.

"That’s the problem everybody think it was a silver spoon situation. My dad lost The Source when I was like 9 [years old], bruh," she stated. "Once it was gone I was old enough to understand life. And it was gone after that. Reality hit. We were broke, we're figuring things out, ya feel me?"

Meanwhile, Benzino hopped on his Twitter account and addressed the young generation in the rap game. The Boston rhymer advised the new age rappers to listen to "the legends" who came before them.

"To whom this may concern...LEGENDS don’t play the back....they set the standards. Thank you my brothers @cthagod & @djenvy for sticking up for me and not letting a false narrative of who I am and what I’ve accomplished happen. I put in too much work in the culture," he tweeted.

"The problem with this social generation is they have no respect or regard for who came before then and how they laid the blueprint for them to be successful," he continued. "I always revered those who came before me and I am grateful to the legends of Hip Hop."

"And I’m tired this 'old talk' Hip hop is over 40 years young and the ones who appeal to older and younger will be the most successful," ’Zino added. "Anyone who thinks that because you’re in you’re 40’s and 50’s you should just go sit in a rocking chair and still don’t live out and pursue their dreams and aspirations [are] idiots. All you young people who are in their 20s and successful at rapping, chances are you still will be rapping in your 50s PERIOD."

Benzino concluded his Twitter rant by suggesting that the young and old generations come together and help each other build hip-hop, rather than divide it.

"When the younger generation starts listening more and respect the older before them...is when LIFE will be better and our entire CULTURE will be better," he wrote. "And let’s make one thing very clear, COMMENTERS AND LIKES ARE PROGRAMS AND SMOKING MIRRORS. The only thing that matters to me is what I can see and feel and BENZINO IS LOVED ALL OVER THE WORLD!"

Watch Coi Leray’s interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club below. Fast-forward to the 1:06:00-mark to listen to Coi talk about her rocky relationship with her father Benzino.

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