Cardi B was collecting her coins during the Art Basel festivities in Miami over the weekend.

On Saturday (Dec. 3), Cardi B jumped on her Twitter page and revealed that she was paid $1 million for a 35-minute performance. And she has a receipt to prove it. In a since-deleted tweet, the Bronx rapper showed a document from WP Touring, Inc. showing Cardi was paid $1 million for a performance.

"I got payed 1 million dollars to perform at this elite bankers event private event for 400 people and only for 35 minutes ……THINK ABOUT THAT WHEN YOU TYPE ABOUT THIS GRAMMY WINNER," she wrote, and adding a gold cup emoji.

Cardi may be responding to pocket watchers questioning why she hasn't dropped a new album or gone out on tour. Some people were speculating that the Grammy Award-winning rapper was afraid to release a new project because she was fearful of what her first-week sales numbers would look like. But Cardi quickly shut down those rumors.

"I’m never afraid of numbers honey," she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. "And I don’t gotta put an another album if I want to I EATS GOOD OF MY diamond records alone [wink emoji]. Don’t drag other bitches to make your point drag the man that’s running their mouth…Grown man!"

Cardi then reshared a tweet by Touring Data reporting that her 2019 arena tour became the first concert tour by a female rapper in history to average over $1 million gross per show. "Mind you it was only 7 shows …..Let’s not talk about numbers," she commented.

Cardi also added in since-deleted tweet: "I am a human baby ..when I drop my album I’m touring the world .I gotta mentally & physically prepare myself for all of that .I didn’t have management for 2 years and now I’m feelin ready ..I DO THINGS ON MY TIME MY WAY."

In the end, Cardi B said that she will drop her new album when she is good and ready.

Watch Cardi B's Performances During Art Basel in Miami Below

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