Blueface beefing with the Island Boys wasn't on anybody's bingo card for 2022. But it happened.

Early Saturday morning (Dec. 24), Blueface jumped on his Instagram Live and began feuding with TikTok personalities Island Boys. The argument started with Kodiyakredd (real name Franky Venegas) before Flyysoulja (born Alex Venegas) jumped into the fray.

Kodiyakredd kicked off the feud by making disparaging remarks about Blueface's girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, who he called a sloppy drunk. It then escalated to juvenile back-and-forth about who is more gangster and who is more talented.

That's when Kodiyakredd tells Blueface to shut up and warns him that when the "Thotiana" rapper goes to trial for his attempted murder charge, he's going to go out like Tory Lanez, who was recently found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

"We actually talented, we have personality and have all that," Kodiyakredd yelled at Blueface, adding, "You're slow talking and boring me, making me snore and shit like that. Let's talk about some gangster shit, some jailbird shit."

"You happy you went to jail, bonded out, good for you," he continued. "When your trial hits, you are going to [be like] Tory Lanez and cry on the floor. So shut your bitch-ass up. You got kids. Go take care of them."

Kodiyakredd then suggested that he dump his girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

"Bruh, go take care of your kids and stop acting like this," he advised 'Face. "Leave that bitch alone. Tell that bitch to get the fuck out. Throw her ass out on the curb [and] go back to Baltimore. G shit. She's a thot."

Surprisingly, Blueface remained relatively calm while Kodiyakredd disrespected him and his girlfriend repeatedly. However, Blue told Kodi's brother Flyysoulja what he really thinks of heavily-tattooed twin.

"I'm telling you, your brother [Kodiyakredd] is a documented bitch online," he said.

And their back-and-forth feud continued for nearly an hour.

In regards to Kodiyakredd talking about Blueface's arrest, the Los Angeles rhymer is facing attempted murder charges and other criminal offenses for allegedly shooting a firearm at a man outside of a business on Oct. 8, 2022. Additionally, an incriminating video surfaced online showing Blueface holding what appears to be a handgun shooting at a passing truck.

The Island Boys better be careful, Blueface is not afraid to throw hands as evident on his reality show Crazy in Love with his ladylove Chrisean Rock on The Zeus Network.

Overall, the beef between Blueface and Island Boys is something nobody was expecting during the holidays.

Watch the Full Blueface and Island Boys Beef on Instagram Live Below

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