It looks like Blueface has met his match when it comes to spitting hot lyrics. The West Coast rapper took part in a recent battle rap with Supa Hot Fire to laughable results.

A parody video has surfaced of a rap battle between Blueface and famed YouTube rapper Supa Hot Fire and it’s hilarious. The clip, which premiered on the YouTube channel TheCareerOfSupaHotFire on April Fools’ Day (April 1), is a joke because it features Supa Hot Fire, famous for the classic battle rap meme, going bar-for-bar against Blue.

From the start, Supa Hot Fire, played by comedian DeShawn Raw, jokingly spits incoherent rhymes at the “Thotiana” artist.

“Red light...I go/Green light...I stop/I don’t drink soda, but I still pop,” he rapped as he stares into the camera as if he actually delivered a deadly bar.

“When the credits roll I still watch,” he continued. “I sleep all day...he’s awake all day, that’s crazy.” He then looked at Blueface who is clearly unimpressed by him.

When it came time for Blueface to spit his rhymes, he gets interrupted by the battle referee, whom he later calls a “worm-head boy” because of his braids.

After a few stops, Blueface, who had fellow rapper Desiigner cheering him on, finally gets his turn.

“I've never been handicapped, but I keep that cap handy/Alright, this boy is looking like Stanley,” he rapped, while Supa Hot Fire’s team passed around pizzas.

“If we can’t get to you, I’m going to have you [pointing to Desiigner], shoot the innocent just to make him feel guilty [pointing at Supa Hot Fire],” Blueface rapped while Supa stared at the camera with a worried look on his face.

Jokingly, the battle referee quickly admonished Blueface’s crew for applauding his hot bars. “Calm down, that was light,” he said.

Later in the video, Supa Hot Fire tried to lunge at Blueface with the crowd holding him back. The rap battle ended with Supa delivering his final lyrics.

“I’m not a rapper,” he rapped, to which Blueface jokingly responded, “We know that.”

“I take the Pokemon cards and I trade him/I put the clothes in the suitcase and zip it,” Supa continued. “I put the jelly in the jar and twist it.”

Supa Hot Fire closed with this lyrics: "I take the ball, I bounce it...I shoot and miss it/...Sike! I swished it!” and fell back into the crowd as they uproariously cheered for him after delivering a supposed hot line.

The referee then announced that Supa Hot Fire was the victor of the rap battle.

Again, this is all jokes.

Some of Supa Hot Fire's previous videos feature the comedic rapper battling real-life rhymers like Soulja Boy and DaBaby. One of his most viral videos involves Supa Hot Fire battling comedian Chris Rock as fictitious rapper Tremendous Repeat. You can watch it below.

Overall, it’s a funny bit that never gets old.

Watch the hilarious video of Blueface battling Supa Hot Fire in its entirety below.

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