The toxicity level of Blueface and Chrisean Rock's relationship is on full display on their new reality show Crazy in Love. In a recent episode, the Cali rapper insisted on calling Chrisean a bitch despite her opposition.

The latest episode of the show aired on Sunday night (Jan. 8). During one section of the reality show, the couple is having a heart-to-heart.

"You not finna disrespect me for no reason," Blueface explains in the clip.

"You call me a bitch all the time," an exasperated Chrisean responds.

"OK, and you are one. I'll call you a bitch, bitch, right now. Because that's what you are."

Chrisean pushes back, saying she has her own identity aside from being labeled Blue's female dog.

"Do you have a vagina?" Blueface then questions. "You wanna be a nigga so bad. You wanna be a man so bad. I don't wanna be with a man. I wanna be with a bitch. But if you wanna be a man, we can do this shit all day long. You call your friend and your friend call you a bitch all day long. Why you get offended ’cause I said it?"

"If we arguing and we calling each other bitches, that's a different type of 'bitch,'" Chrisean replies.

Chrisean also advises Blueface to stop calling her a kid in front of company, to which the "Thotiana" rapper scoffs.

"I said what I said," he adds. "You decided to keep fucking with me."

After Chrisean insists Blueface needs to "chill out," he concludes, "You need to find yourself."

Blueface and Chrisean Rock's reality show has been predictably drama filled. In an episode that aired last month, Blueface came to blows with Chrisean's father.

Check Out the Clip From the New Episode of Crazy in Love Below

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