Travis Scott's highly anticipated Utopia album looks like it might be dropping sooner than later with billboards recently popping up in promotion of the forthcoming LP.

Travis Scott Utopia Billboards

On Monday (June 26), fans began taking note of billboards popping up in Los Angeles in promotion of Travis Scott's new Utopia album. One ad shows what looks to be numbers on a briefcase combination lock, possibly in reference to the briefcase La Flame has been seen with recently that has "Utopia" written on it. The Weeknd and Bad Bunny have also been spotted with the briefcase. The numbers on the lock seem to be set to 07211.

Another ad, posted above the Gil Turner Wine and Spirits Shop in West Hollywood, Calif., shows a clock with "Utopia" on it.

"Is it in the liquor store?" the ad reads, along with The clock appears to be set to 7:21, sparking speculation that the album will drop on July 21.

"Dropping next month surely," one fan commented on Twitter.

"Nah the lock code is fs the album release date," someone else tweeted.

"THE TIME ON THE CLOCK IS 21 MINUTES PAST 7," another person noted.

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Travis Scott's Utopia Album

Travis Scott has been teasing his Utopia album since shortly after the release of his multi-platinum Astroworld LP. The project was shelved following the 2021 Astroworld Festival tragedy but Travis has been slowly rolling out the release in the last few months. In February, Travis updated fans on the release date, saying the album would be dropping following releases from artists on his Cactus Jack label. Back in May, Travis played the entire album for the Houston Astros baseball team during a visit to the team facility. Last month, he also revealed the meaning behind the album title.

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See the Billboards That Have Fans Believing Utopia Is Dropping Next Month Below

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