Travis Scott is not done promoting his new album Utopia just yet. The Grammy nominated rapper-producer has released another round of merch, which includes a $150 briefcase, Air Force 1 sneakers, Kaws T-shirts and more.

Travis Scott Drops Second Round of New Utopia Merch

On Saturday (July 29), Travis Scott delivered a new collection of merchandise for his just-released album Utopia via his online webstore. The second round of merch included a pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers with the "Utopia" insignia and Caucus Jack label branded on the back of the kicks. The price tag for the shoes was at $150 and are now sold out.

Other items included a brown leather suitcase with the "Utopia" logo etched on it for $150. There's also some collaborative T-shirts up for sale. The Utopia x Kaws collaborative tees run $65 while the three Utopia x St Michael collab T-shirts are a whopping $150 each. But La Flame is also offering four different Utopia-inspired T-shirts at $55 each.

In addition to clothing, Travis has rare items such as five different Circus Maximus movie posters and six Utopia zines with different covers, each of which includes a CD of the album.

You can peep some of the Utopia merchandise in our gallery below.

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Travis Scott's Utopia Draws Comparisons to Kanye West's Yeezus

Meanwhile, hours after Travis Scott released his Utopia album on Friday (July 28), Kanye West's Yeezus became a trending topic on Twitter. This is because many people who listened to La Flame's new project were reminded of Ye's Grammy nominated album from 2013.

One Twitter user remarked, "[Kanye West] is always 10 years ahead," pointing out that Trav's album was released exactly 10 years after Kanye's. "In 2013, he dropped Yeezus, and 10 years laters, Travis drops #Utopia which has Kanye production influence all over it."

Another person agreed, saying, "Yeah, Utopia is legit, can't even complain that was a good a*s experience, Yeezus is one inspirational a*s album man."

It looks like Travis Scott's Utopia is a major hit among rap fans on social media.

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