It looks like Travis Scott's long-awaited fourth album Utopia will arrive very soon. Along with a listening party, the rapper-producer has unveiled Utopia merch at his webstore.

Here's Where You Can Buy Travis Scott Utopia Merch

On Monday (July 10), Travis Scott announced a listening party and performance for his Utopia album that will be held at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt on July 28. Tickets were on sale at but are now sold out.

On Travis' Instagram account, the Houston rapper-producer posted an illustration featuring the "Utopia" insignia as well as a poster for the Utopia performance live at the Pyramids of Gaza.

Additionally, Travis also unveiled Utopia merch that fans can purchase at his official website, When visiting the store, fans can choose from four different merchandise packages, each of which includes a physical copy of Utopia as well as a long-sleeve T-shirt, a crewneck, a baseball cap or a hoodie. There's also 10 T-shirt options that fans can choose from as well.

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Travis Scott Says Utopia Brings Him Back to Rodeo and Owl Pharaoh Days

On July 8, when Travis was headlining day two of the 2023 Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park in London, he briefly stopped his set to express his excitement for Utopia. He compared the sound on his new project to that of his 2013 debut mixtape Owl Pharaoh and his 2015 debut studio album, Rodeo.

"Every time I listen to [Utopia], it just takes me back to the Rodeo days and the Owl Pharaoh days," he told the crowd. "It just takes me back to the muthaf**king days where we used to just flip s**t upside-muthaf**king-down!"

The release date for the album has yet to be officially announced.

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Check out Travis' merchandise for Utopia below.

See Travis Scott's Utopia Merch

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