Travis Scott loves his fans. Recently, the Houston rapper gifted a fan a pair of Air Jordan 1 lows off his feet and Utopia merch after the fan rapped a verse from "Lost Forever."

Travis Scott Gifts Fan His Sneakers and Utopia Merch

On Saturday (July 1), Travis Scott fan page posted a video of LaFlame rocking the crowd at a festival. The "Goosebumps" rapper gets off the stage and zeros in on a fan. As the music of "Lost Forever" plays in the background, Travis tests a fan to see if he knows the lyrics to the song.

On cue, the fan is able to recite the song's verse word for word.

"Lost on islands, driven in boat cars/Just bring your girl, feel like she both ours/Young black nigga work at the Auchans/So how we here trapped on the ocean?" he rapped. "'Bout to go up a level of disrespectful/I'm just one chain away from goin' heavy metal/I'm just one angel away from blockin' out the devil/Just one mountain away from meetin' all my rebels/Too much power, too many hours all in a day/I sent her flowers, ain't talkin roses, I'm talkin' maoda/Ask if she "Ha-ha-ha" I really doubt it (Ha-ha-ha)/Took her through the Hills at noon, she felt the... (And how wonderful, how wonderful)."

Travis was so impressed by the fan rapping his lyrics, he took off his Utopia T-shirt and gave it to him as well as his Air Jordan 1 low sneakers right off his feet. Needless to say, the fan was overjoyed by his gifts from the Astroworld creator.

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Travis Scott Always Gives Fans His Sneakers Right Off His Feet

On a rare occasion, Travis has given a fan a pair of kicks right off his feet. Last year, when the 32-year-old rapper-producer was leaving TAO in Los Angeles, a group of fans were waiting for him outside of the club with hopes of getting an autograph or maybe even a picture.

When Travis left the club, he got into his waiting car and decided to drive by the group of fans. The car slowly approached the crowd, the window rolled down, and Travis handed out a pair of Air Jordan 1 low. The crowd rushed for the sneakers, and two people walked away with one shoe each. The car quickly drove away.

Everyone in the crowd was in a state of shock. As for two lucky people, they were ecstatic to have at least a shoe that Travis Scott wore inside the club.

Expect Travis to give out more sneakers and Utopia merchandise in the future. Billboards have been popping up in Los Angeles in promotion of the new album. One ad shows what looks to be numbers on a briefcase combination lock, possibly in reference to the briefcase La Flame has been seen with recently that has "Utopia" written on it. The numbers on the lock seem to be set to 07211.

This have prompted fans to speculate that Travis Scott's Utopia album is dropping on July 21. We'll have to wait and see.

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Watch Travis Scott Gift One Fan Sneakers Off His Feet and Uptopia Merch Below

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