The Alchemist took some time while on a flight to answer questions from fans, and one involved the rap battle between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. The producer clears the air on whether he was bothered by K-Dot using his beat in the epic showdown.

The Alchemist Sets the Record Straight on Kendrick Lamar's "Meet the Grahams" Drake Diss

On Tuesday afternoon (June 4), producer The Alchemist was flying—not high—in the friendly skies when he decided to talk to fans on X, formerly known as Twitter. The chat found the respected hip-hop artist answering an array of questions from which dead president would he resurrect (Herbert Hoover) to the cologne he uses (Depression by Calvin Klein). Al's got jokes.

During the talk, The Alchemist was also asked if he was bothered by Kendrick Lamar using the producer's beat for the "Meet the Grahams" Drake diss. Apparently Al didn't know K-Dot was going to use the beat, according to Questlove.

"Questlove made it known that you weren’t aware Kendrick was going to use your beat for meet the graham’s. Did it bother you that Kendrick did that? Was it okay with you that questlove gave us that information?" the fan asked.

"Nah but i was extremely bothered and downright livid when i realized that all these years i did not know that Cap’n Crunch’s full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch," The Alchemist replied. This guy knows how to entertain.

Al continued his Q&A with hilariously odd responses for three hours and capped off the discussion by letting everyone know "This is me WITHOUT weed lol."

Kendrick Lamar unleashed "Meet the Grahams" on May 3, which was a pivotal moment in the beef between the West Coast MC and Drizzy. Three diss tracks were dropped in one day between both sides. Kendrick let loose "6:16 in LA" early that morning, then Drake fired back with "Family Matters" and the "Buried Alive Interlude" parody, then K-Dot came through with the quickness less than an hour later by delivering "Meet the Grahams." The diss finds Kenny lyrically addressing Drake's son Adonis, his mother and father as well as an alleged secret daughter. The sheer number of vicious bars being volleyed back-and-forth in a 24-hour time span was something hip-hop had never seen before. The rap battle ended with Drake's track "The Heart Part 6" on May 4.

That same day, The Alchemist shared a video on Instagram of himself tinkering with the beat for "Meet the Grahams," letting rap fans everywhere know he played a major part in the iconic clash.

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Take a look at The Alchemist's conversation with fans below.

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