Sukihana has Twitter in an uproar after a video from her OnlyFans account leaked across the internet.

Sukihana Trends on Twitter for Leaked OnlyFans Video

On Tuesday (July 11), Sukihana became a trending topic on Twitter as users flooded timelines left and right with reactions of shock and astonishment upon catching a glimpse of the "Eating" rapper-model engaged in some extremely NSFW activity.

In a leaked video that appears to have come from the Wilmington, Del. native's OnlyFans page, Sukihana can be seen manually pleasuring herself by hand before bringing herself to a climax, which involved a lot of bodily fluids. Many fans have shared their views of the risqué video clip accordingly.

Fans React to Sukihana's OnlyFans Video Leak

As Sukihana's fetish-friendly footage continued to fly around social media, fans familiar with the "Grinch" rhymer couldn't help but meet what they saw with jokes and sentiments of repulsion. Some even threatened to leave Twitter altogether.

"I'm heading to threads," one Twitter user wrote. "Because why y'all sharing that Sukihana video this early like people ain't having breakfast."

Another added: "That Sukihana video is putrid and truly disgusting, WHILE I WAS EATING???"

However, some of the more open-minded users came to Sukihana's defense.

"Sukihana BEEN the same since she first popped on the scene and nobody said a word now she trending every other day," a commenter observed.

Sukihana Actually Deleted Her Twitter Account

Ironically enough, Sukihana is trending all over Twitter and she doesn't even have an active account. Last month, Suki left the platform during a widely publicized incident with YK Osirus, who was hit with an immense amount of backlash for kissing Sukihana on the mouth when she was clearly not down for it. YK Osiris has since issued a public apology, which Sukihana accepted.

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Controversy Surrounding Sukihana and NLE Choppa

The leaked OnlyFans video isn't the only time in recent months Sukihana has been the subject of controversy that is sexual in nature. Back in April, NLE Choppa was dragged online for walking Suki by her hair in the official music video for his "Sl*t Me Out (Remix)." The duo has since released a version of the video that is specific to OnlyFans.

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Check out more reactions to Sukihana's leaked OnlyFans video in the tweets listed below.

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