Sukihana is clapping back at trolls who took exception to a racy video she shared on social media during a recent visit to London.

Sukihana Shares Raunchy Social Media Post

On Monday (July 18), Sukihana shared video on social media of herself during a recent trip to London. In the clip below, Suki is walking down the street amongst multiple strangers wearing a flowing multi-color dress.

"I'm tryin' to get my coochie stretched," Sukihana says loudly in the viral video. "I'm trying to get my coochie stretched and eat a n***a a*s. We be eatin' n***a's a*s today in London."

"I was tryna be classy but business class is good enough Cause suki international now," she captioned the post on Instagram.

Shortly after posting the video, which has already raked in 10 million views on Twitter, Sukihana doubled down on her intentions to bring out the freaky side of people across The Pond.

"For London to seem some uptight and prude about things they sure out here singing bout eating ass with me," Sukihana tweeted. "I’m bringing the freak up out these London folks don’t let them suits and ties fool you. I love making Karen's uncomfortable."

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Sukihana Responds to Backlash for Post

Sukihana faced backlash for the post from Twitter users and responded.

"Do y’all understand why we were confused?" one person on Twitter commented on the video. "I understand that no woman deserves to be sexually assaulted. She literally markets herself as nothing more than A COOCHIE."

"Your head is shaped like a hemorrhoid," Sukihana shot back. 

Another person commented: "I'm embarrassed as a Black woman."

Sukihana replied, "You scratching yo coochie in ya profile pic I’m embarrassed for you."

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See the video Sukihana was called out for and her response to the backlash below.

Watch Sukihana's Viral London Video and See Her Lash Out at Trolls After Backlash From It Below

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