Saweetie is responding to being mentioned on Quavo's new diss song by sharing an embarrassing DM he recently sent her.

Saweetie Exposes Quavo DM

Quavo's beef and rap battle with Chris Brown is getting intense with Huncho releasing the latest shot in the back-and-forth in the form on his new CB diss track "Over H*es & B***hes." On Tuesday (April 23), Saweetie responded to being name-dropped on the track where Quavo raps: "I can take a model b***h and make a Saweetie, n***a." In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, the Cali rhymer shared a screenshot of her Instagram DMs that shows an unread message from the former Migos member.

"Damn, we used to be mean af to eac...," the message reads in part, giving some insight into their possibly volatile relationship.

Saweetie captioned the post, "Hopefully the model he turns into me replies."

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Saweetie and Quavo's Relatioship

Saweetie and Quavo dated from 2018 from 2021, during which time they hinted at possibly getting married. However, they split shortly after a viral video surfaced that showed them getting into an altercation in an elevator. Soon after the breakup, Quavo repossessed the Bentley he bought Saweetie when they were dating.

This isn't the first time Saweetie has been dragged into the Quavo and Chris Brown beef. On Chris' new Quavo diss track "Weakest Link," he implies that he slept with Quavo's ex while they were still together. Many people assumed CB was talking about Saweetie. She responded to the speculation with a social media post.

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See Saweetie's reaction to Quavo's new diss song and hear Quavo's "Over H*es & B***hes" below.

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