Saweetie tries to avoid questions about Quavo in a new interview with Shannon Sharpe but he continues to press her on the matter.

Saweetie Pressed for Answers About Quavo in New Interview

On Thursday night (Feb. 8), Saweetie appeared on a live taping on Shannon Sharpe's Nightcap podcast with Ochocino in Las Vegas ahead of the 2024 Super Bowl. The interview, which got cringy rather quickly, began with Shannon referencing Saweetie from her past relationship with Quavo.

"When I got the memo today talking about Saweetie, I was like, 'Saweetie, Saweetie?'" Shannon told the rapper after she was introduced to the crowd around the 1:34:35-mark of the video below. "I hate to say this, I said, 'The one that used to date Quavo?'"

"Now, why you do that to me?" Saweetie responded. "That's all I got? I'm the Icy Girl, I was Mrs, McDonalds, I got a Mac campaign, I done broke some records."

Shannon then replied, "So you don't want to be referred to as..."

"Of course not," Saweetie reacted.

That didn't stop the former NFL tight-end from continuing to pry into the rapper's past with the former Migos member. He asked her if she would "spin the block" with Quavo and also inquired about the car Quavo repossessed following their breakup.

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Saweetie's Relationship With Quavo

Saweetie and Quavo dated from 2018 from 2021, when they split shortly after a viral video surfaced that showed them getting into an altercation in an elevator. Shortly after the split, Quavo repossessed the Bentley he bought Saweetie when they were dating.

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See Saweetie try to avoid Quavo questions while being interviewed by Shannon Sharpe below.

Watch Shannon Sharpe and Ochocinco's Nightcap Podcast Live From Las Vegas

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