Ray J and Kim Kardashian's infamous sex tape has been a topic of discussion for 15 years and apparently the publicly sold intimate video is still making money for the former couple.

On Thursday (Sept. 22), Ray J appeared on Comedy Central's Hell of a Week with Charlamagne Tha God where he was questioned about the recent drama surrounding who initially put the tape out. According to Ray J, the tape is still making money nearly two decades after its release. How much money?

"I don't even know," Ray J said when questioned for a dollar amount. "It's still making money, now. ’Til this day."

Ray J says the proof that he didn't put out the tape without consent is in the fact that he's never been taken to court over the X-rated film's release.

"If they saying what I did is true, why didn't you ever sue me?" Ray J questioned.

The "One Wish" crooner says he plans to take legal action against the Kardashians for slandering his name.

"I'm gonna make some legal stuff happen," Ray J confirmed. "Just think about it like this. Without me just going through all the facts. I said what I said. It's crickets over there. No response, no nothing. How long has it been? Like, two weeks. Silence. They usually are the type of people that respond fast and they try to tear you right down right away. It should say a lot from just that."

"I just wanna clear my name, man," Ray J added. "Even if it's that small little thing, it gotta go."

XXL has reached out to Kim Kardashian's rep for comment.

Ray J has been clapping back at assertions made by the Kardashian family that he had something to do with the leaking of his sex tape with Kim for the past few months. A couple of weeks ago, he attempted to expose Kris Jenner after she went on The Late Late Show with James Corden and took a lie detector test to prove she didn't have a hand in putting the tape out.

Two days after Ray J's rant, emails leaked from 2007 that had documents allegedly sent to the Kardashians letting them know how much revenue the tape was initially making.

Ray J and Kim's sex tape was recorded in 2002, when they were dating. In 2007, the tape wound up in the hands of adult film distributor Vivid Entertainment. Kim threatened Vivid with a lawsuit the same year. They reportedly settled the suit and the tape was sold publicly as Kim Kardashian, Superstar the same year. Over the years, blame has been tossed back and forth about who initially sold the tape to Vivid, with one theory being it was Ray J and the other being it was Kris Jenner who did so to boost her daughter's career.

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