Offset made it clear that he does not share a biological relationship with Quavo and Takeoff in an interview earlier this week (May 24). As a result, some fans may be curious about whether or not Quavo and the late Takeoff are biologically related to each other. So how are Quavo and Takeoff related?

Yes, Quavo and Takeoff Are Related

In a 2014 DJ Vlad interview, which can be found below around the 18-second-mark, when one-half of the rap trio was questioned about the reason behind their formation as a group, Quavo responded, "Because we are family, we want to eat together." Takeoff chimed in, saying, "We are all family." Quavo added, “We don’t want to see nobody doing their own thing, we rather eat together.”

Quavo then went on to describe exactly how the two are related. “We family, this my nephew,” Quavo said as he pointed toward Takeoff. Take followed up with, “That’s my uncle.” So, they have publicly shared that they are uncle and nephew prior. Even though Quavo is Takeoff's uncle, their age difference was just three years apart.

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When Did Offset Meet Quavo and Takeoff?

During the same interview, Quavo talked about Offset's inclusion in the group. Quavo explained, “Then Offset, I been knowing him since the seventh, fifth grade. Probably sixth grade. Been knowing him since sixth grade and we just always ran together.”

This highlighted their longstanding friendship and connection that led to Offset becoming a part of the group, but Offset didn't explicitly state that he was related to them by blood.

In a 2014 interview with The Fader, Quavo provided additional details about how Offset joined Migos, stating, “Offset is fam. He’s been around us ever since sixth grade. We got him to rap in high school. We always stayed in the basement messing around with the beats. He did one song and his voice sounded good. He had a good voice.”

Takeoff added, “He was snapping too. Back then, that’s what the trend was.”

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Takeoff and Quavo Were Raised Under the Same Roof

Quavo also disclosed to Fader that he and Takeoff were raised together under the same roof, giving all the credit to his sister for raising them both. "We moved from Athens to Gwinett when Takeoff was in elementary and I was in middle school," said Quavo. "His mama took care of everything, and us. We always stayed in the same house. We share everything. He’s basically like a brother."

Offset Isn't Related to Quavo or Takeoff

Prior to Offset's recent interview with Variety magazine on May 24, there were rumors that he wasn't blood-related to the Migos. Now the truth is officially confirmed that they were all childhood friends, but Offset is not related to Quavo nor Offset. Despite popular belief, Offset and Quavo are not blood relatives, even though many refer to them as cousins.

According to the new interviewOffset and Quavo were classmates during their childhood school days. They started hanging out together in the sixth grade, which is information Quavo previously mentioned in 2014.

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