Lil Wayne has created the theme song for the relaunch Skip Bayless' Undisputed sports talk show.

Lil Wayne Drops "Good Morning" Theme Song for Undisputed

On Monday, the relaunch of Skip Bayless' Undisputed sports talk show aired on Fox's FS1. It also featured the debut of Lil Wayne's theme song for the show. Titled "Good Morning," Weezy spits on topic with multiple sports references.

"Good Morning, it's Weezy FS1/Skip the BS and put everybody after VS," Lil Wayne raps in the video below. "P.S. all I spit is F-A-C-T-S/The best, Skip Bayless yeah say less/Top of the top, apex, everyday flex/If you ain't got no haters, you ain't poppin, I ain't tryin to hate/Let's have a Jordan and Lebron debate, I got time of day."

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Lil Wayne to Join Undisputed as Weekly Guest Host

Last month, Skip Bayless announced Lil Wayne would be joining the show as a weekly guest host.

"Brother, [Lil] Wayne is as at least into our relaunch as I am," Skip announced during an episode. "He is heart and soul into the relaunch. And, by the way, bigger picture, Wayne has agreed every Friday going forward to doing a segment with me live. He might not always be in the studio, depending on his schedule, but he is going to join me every Friday for a segment, I don't know...12-15 minutes. If he's hot, if he's rolling, maybe we'll keep him a couple segments. If he has the time. That you can look forward to. He is so deep when it comes to sports. He doesn't yell or scream but he does get emotional."

The relaunch of the show comes after former cohost Shannon Sharpe departed the show in June. The new iteration features former NFL players Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Irvin, Richard Sherman and sportscaster Rachel Nichols.

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Check out Lil Wayne's theme song for the Undisputed relaunch below.

Watch the Video for Lil Wayne's Undisputed Theme Song

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