Kodak Black seemingly addressed the backlash he's received for doing a song with 6ix9ine, during his recent performance at 2023 Rolling Loud Miami.

Kodak Black Addresses Backlash

Kodak Black performed at the opening day of the 2023 Rolling Loud Miami festival on July 21, on the heels of 6ix9ine announcing they had a new collab coming. Yak appeared to address his detractors on stage.

"I got it," Kodak Black told the crowd during a break in the action in the video below. "You know these rap n***as, you know these f**k n***as like, 'Damn, Yak to the'...I ain't no follower. I come as I am. It be like, n***as be wanting somebody to do it to 'em, for feal for real. It's like these n***as be ready to die or some s**t. They mad at something. They hate themselves."

Kodak Black's New Collab With 6ix9ine

6ix9ine announced he would be collabing with Kodak Black on July 20. The new track, "Shaka Laka," ended up dropping on Sunday (July 23), and is Tekashi's first English-speaking record since 2022's "Gine."

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Kodak Black Faces Backlash for 6ix9ine Collab

Kodak Black immediately faced backlash from Boosie BadAzz, who is a staunch supporter of the no-snitching policy.

"That n***ga Yak f**ked me up," Boosie explained in an Instagram Story video after the announcement of the collab. "I wonder how all them Zoes feel, dawg. I know them Zoes f**ked up right now. I know the state of Florida f**ked up right now. This n**ga ain't got no morals. No principals. Damn, I thought that little n**ga was like that. N**ga ain't no street n**a at all. Damn."

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See video of Kodak Black's 2023 Rolling Loud Miami performance where he appears to address backlash for working with Tekashi below.

Watch Kodak Black Appearing to Address Backlash for Collaborating on a New Song With 6ix9ine Below

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