Kodak Black fans are concerned for the rapper's well-being after he recently dozed off while on Instagram Live.

Kodak Black Falls Asleep in Middle of Live

Yesterday (Aug. 14), Kodak Black went on Instagram Live to chop it up with fans. However, the session took a turn when Yak literally dozed off in the middle of the Live. In the clip below, Kodak is holding his phone in one hand and a cup and lighter in the other. The South Florida rapper leans over the camera as he struggles to keep his eyes open. He eventually dozes off before a hypnagogic jerk springs him out of it.

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 Kodak Black Fans Voice Concern

Kodak Black fans have been weighing in on the wild video on social media.

"Kodak has literally been using wills drugs for the longest and people assumed he acted like that cause he from Florida man been needed help," one fan opined.

"Reminds me to famous dex before he went to rehab and got clean..praying for him," someone else posted about the video.

"Where are his real friends to get him help," another person questioned.

Kodak Black Videos Scare Fans

This isn't the first time recently a social media video has had Kodak Black fans concerned for his well-being. Earlier this month, a TikTok user captured video of Yak being wheeled into a hospital on a stretcher. Back in June, Yak shared an Instagram Live video that showed the rapper looking disheveled, sitting on a floor shirtless and mumbling incoherently.

Kodak Black's Italian Vacation

The latest video comes on the heels of Kodak Black spending the week vacationing in Italymaking pizza and learning Italian.

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See video of Kodak Black dozing off while on Instagram Live below.

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