Recently leaked video footage shows King Von being maced during a fight in jail and then being interviewed about it.

King Von Jail Footage Leaks Showing the Late Rapper Being Maced During a Fight

On Friday (July 21), an Instagram account listed as chicagos.rarest posted a video clip in which King Von can be seen getting himself into a fight that dates back to 2016. The social media page dedicated to the deceased rapper, who was tragically shot and killed back in 2020, claims that "King Von and his friend" jumped someone and as a result, got themselves pepper sprayed by the nearby guards.

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How Did King Von Respond When Being Interviewed About Being Maced?

On the second slide of the Instagram post, King Von is being interviewed by a sergeant who was on duty at the time of the altercation, as is typical when an inmate suffers any sort of injury. While King Von tells the guard that he was injured due to being maced, the late Chicago spitter claims to be unaware of the reason why he was sprayed implying that it was done for no particular reason and that he didn't receive any medical attention.

"I got maced," King Von states in the video clip below when being questioned by the sergeant. "Because I was in the hallway. I was in the barbershop, hit the corner and somebody maced me. I fell."

The guard replies: "They maced you for no reason? Did you receive medical attention?"

"Yeah," King Von answers. "No, I talked to the counselor but I didn't get no medical attention."

King Von Jail Footage Has Been Leaking Left and Right

King Von having been maced during a fight in 2016 is the latest in a string of many videos that have leaked online lately from the time he spent in jail during a stint that is presumed to be in connection to a 2014 arrest stemming from the fatal shooting of Malcolm Stuckey. Earlier this week, a video clip from 2017 went viral that finds King Von requesting to be moved into protective custody due to his sexual orientation. Von's former love interest, Asian Doll, has seemingly reacted to the video by inferring that announcing his sexuality was nothing more than a strategic ploy to work the system.

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See King Von being maced during a fight in the leaked jail footage below.

Watch King Von Being Maced During a Fight and Then Interviewed About It in the Leaked Jail Footage Below

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