JT recently dissed a troll on Instagram by saying the woman's child resembles Finesse2Tymes, which got a response from the "Back End" rapper.

On Thursday (April 20), JT again found herself defending her man Lil Uzi Vert against social media slander after they recently revealed their alter ego Leslie.

"[JT] You really taking City Girls down," one Instagram user commented on a blog post about Uzi addressing Leslie backlash.

In response, JT went for the jugular.

"Ugly baby [and] dead father," the City Girls rapper posted.

"That baby looks like [Finesse2Tymes]," she added. "Please leave me alone. I'm not bothering no one."

"Ppl will constantly pick on you & call you upset when you respond. I’m not mad, have no reason to be mad," JT added on Twitter. "But you mad cause I’m not giving you the clarification you want? So you gone constantly bully me for what you wanna hear nah ima talk about you bad without clearing up nothin."

"I’m the most unproblematic person ever," she continued. "Idgaf bout nothing, but if I find time to throw a shot back I will. Nothing personal, all love."

Finesse2Tymes responded to the perceived shade in a video on Instagram.

"Hey, JT. Who you talking ‘bout ugly?" he said. "Who? Where? City Girls just went down."

He also addressed the issue on his Instagram Story.

"Guess she mad cause I said I can't do nun wit no skinny h*e," he typed. "Just don't know. I'll throw you in the air and 'break u' before you hit the ground."

This is the second time in a week JT has stood up for Uzi. Earlier this week, she blasted a social media user who said Uzi had JT dressed like the Bride of Chucky.

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