Future recently threw water at a persistent paparazzo who refused to stop filming him.

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Future Throws Water at Paparazzo in Viral Video

On Wednesday (June 7), video (below) surfaced of a man filming Future and his team outside what appears to be a restaurant. In the clip, Hendrix is on his phone while the man filming the scene circles around the rapper. Someone on Future's team approaches the man and asks his intentions.

"No, he's a celebrity," the man responds.

"Yea, but you can't record him, though," the Future associate replies.

"Yea, that's what I do," the photographer responds. "I do celebrities."

The video then cuts to Future getting in his car to leave. The "Wait for U" rapper appears to be at his wit's end.

"Aye, man. You already did that earlier," Future yells at the man. "If I get somebody to jump out of one of these cars and do something to you, you gon' be thinking I'm wrong."

Instead of taking the hint, the man sticks around to film Future driving away. But instead of getting the money shot, the photog got a cup of water thrown at him by the "Thought It Was a Drought" rapper.

"Yeah, thank you," the surprised pap yells at Future's car as it drives off. "I got the video better muthaf**ka. Go suck a d**k."

Wild Rapper Paparazzi Interactions

There have been some wild moments of rappers confronting the paparazzi over the years. Back in January, a video of Kanye West confronting a paparazzo who refused to stop filming Ye and his wife went viral. Last week, Ye was sued by a photographer for grabbing and throwing her phone in the street.

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Watch Video of Future Throwing Water at a Persistent Paparazzo in the Video Below

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