Humor lightens the load of everything. A funny joke or hilarious moment can make your day better and a rough time at work to fly right by. Humor will always have a place in the arts, and that holds true for music, especially hip-hop. Being that rap is a genre that showcases a rapper's personality and what they're all about, expressing what they find funny feels par for the course. Over the last few years, hip-hop is noticeably taking things less seriously when it comes to videos and allowing the humor to shine through. Here, XXL highlights the funniest hip-hop videos of the last five years.

Some of the biggest songs of the last few years have been accompanied by hilarious videos. The Migos' "Walk It Talk It" video, which dropped in 2018, features a dripping Jheri curl-wearing Drake on a guest verse and Jamie Foxx as the host of a show similar to Soul Train, The visual is set in 1970s, bell bottoms and afros included. The Migos are now a soul band, complete with era-specific hair and ’fits. There's a Soul Train line, which offers a look at Offset's dance moves that became a viral moment a few years ago. Overall, the "Walk It Talk It" video is the first time Migos are letting loose and having fun in this way. At its peak, the song climbed to No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

A funny video can also completely change an artist's career and launch them into a new level of relevancy. Sada Baby, along with fellow Detroit rapper Drego, dropped "Bloxk Party" in March of 2018. The video is simple, showing mostly party shots of Sada and Drego with their friends, but what sets this one apart from the rest is Sada's array of dance moves coupled with his ridiculous punchlines. Sada comparing guns to NBA players and pro wrestlers while doing a modified version of the Dougie is one of the funniest things on YouTube. Factor in that the man can rhyme well, and the video took off quickly. As of today, it's been viewed over 80 million times.

Take a look below to see more of the funniest hip-hop videos of the last five years.

  • "Walk It Talk It"

    Migos featuring Drake

    In the visual for "Walk It Talk It," Migos, Drake and Jamie Foxx hold court on stage in a reimagined version of Soul Train. This leads to a bunch of dancing and Migos fully embracing the absurdity of the scene. The video is a classic, and is still funny anytime you play it.

  • "Bloxk Party"

    Sada Baby and Drego

    Gangstas have always danced, but few have been as carefree as Sada Baby. In this video for "Bloxk Party" with Drego, Sada cycles from dance to dance while dropping bar after bar. His facial expressions and the moves he chooses are both hilarious and memorable.

  • "Shotta Flow 5"

    NLE Choppa

    NLE Choppa wakes up at home and chases an intruder around his house with a paintball gun in his video for "Shotta Flow 5" from last June. The thing is, the intruder is actually just Choppa with an afro wig on. He then somehow starts fighting toy soldiers in his house, the fruits in the kitchen start talking to him and his mother demands he wash the dishes and stop acting strange.

  • "Kanye Krazy"

    Lil Durk

    Proud Chicago native Lil Durk made a song titled "Kanye Krazy" this year, and dropped the creative video, which became a trending topic on Twitter upon its release. In the visual, Durkio reenacts all of Kanye's most notable moments both in and out of music, from arguing with a Sway look-alike on the radio to snatching the mic from a fake Taylor Swift during an awards show. He also recreates the "I Love It" video overall, including the box ’fit. This visual is humorous but also a moment of respect to a Chicago legend.

  • "Jobs"

    City Girls

    The City Girls are two employees at a fast-food spot who hate their jobs in the aptly titled video "Jobs." The video, released earlier this year, starts with a hilarious skit featuring JT and Yung Miami dealing with customers. Then they discuss how they need to move on to greener pastures, meshing perfectly with the song.

  • "Lightskin Lil Wayne"


    Tyga has always been a supporter of Lil Wayne, especially considering he was once signed to Young Money. In this 2019 video for "Lightskin Lil Wayne," Tyga turns himself into Lil Wayne, accurately reliving some of his biggest videos, like "Lollipop."

  • "Life Is Good"

    Future featuring Drake

    Future and Drake, who have been rich rappers in the game for quite some time, are now two regular dudes who have typical 9-to-5's in this video for "Life Is Good" from last year. Seeing Drake as a manager at a fake Apple Store and helping Lil Yachty during his shift is hilarious, as is Future working the drive-thru window at a fast-food place. Drake and Future's natural chemistry really makes this video work and brings on the laughs.

  • "I'm In Love"


    Junglepussy's 2019 video for "I'm In Love" features a dating game where she is both the host named Blackberry Love, the three women contestants, and the man who they go on a date with. She goes on a date with herself to the movies and has sex with herself, all in a video about an ode to taking someone else's man. JP is hilarious in every role, and the video is extremely entertaining.

  • "Forever"

    Blac Youngsta

    Dropping in 2018, Blac Youngsta's "Forever" visual finds him on a romantic date that goes through both the dead of winter and summer sunshine. The entire time, he serenades his lady with the song and really commits to the moment, which is funny in itself. On top of that, a clip of the video in which he tells the woman that she looks better than Beyoncé, only to quickly take it back, went viral.

  • "Free Joe Exotic"

    Bfb Da Packman featuring Sada Baby

    In the summer of 2020, Bfb Da Packman was known locally around his hometown of Michigan, but when the "Free Joe Exotic" video dropped during that time, it's what earned him more visibility outside his city of Flint. Bfb and Sada Baby exchange ridiculous bars back and forth while Bfb hits the ground, eats donuts, does random dances and gets kidnapped by Sada.

  • "Gat Damn"

    Freddie Gibbs

    Leave it to Freddie Gibbs to make a music video a comical experience. The rapper stars as Freddie Kane, the lead singer of a soul band that boasts G Perico on violin, in the 2019 visual for "Gat Damn." Besides their hilarious costumes, Freddie walks around the room in the beginning of the video and roasts the entire band with jokes that definitely feel like he came up with them on the spot. This is one of Freddie's best videos in his catalog, and he has plenty of good ones.

  • "Coochie"

    YN Jay and Louie Ray

    This was the 2020 video that exposed the world to YN Jay, the self-professed "Coochie Man." In between moments of him dry-humping random objects and spitting "coochie" punchlines with Louie Ray, the song and video are equally hilarious. Clips of the visual have gone viral since its release, thanks to Jay and Louie Ray's uniquely different styles compared to what was out at the time.

  • "Pony"


    In this 2019 video for "Pony," DaBaby recreates scenes from the lauded 1983 film Scarface. The North Carolina rapper is a kingpin with a ridiculous wig on and lots of guns, all inside a giant mansion. DaBaby fully commits to all of his video roles, which makes his comedic timing work so well.

  • "I Love It"

    Kanye West featuring Lil Pimp and Adele Givens

    "I Love It," released in 2018, was a song that both reenergized Kanye and Lil Pump's buzz. Some of that came from the song's sexual lyrics, and the big box suits they wore in the video. Also surprisingly, Pump and ’Ye have good chemistry in the video, making the moment even funnier for how dedicated they were to the foolery.

  • "No Guidance"

    Chris Brown featuring Drake

    Released in July of 2019, the "No Guidance" video is a comedic version of Drake and Chris Brown's recently squashed beef. There's a dance battle, Drake mocking CB, and some real singing as they close in on each other from separate sides of the party. For a beef that felt like it would never cease, this visual is what buried the hatchet for the public.

  • "Oprah's Bank Account"

    Lil Yachty featuring Drake and DaBaby

    Dropping last March, Lil Yachty's "Oprah's Bank Account" video was one of the best visuals of the year. The video was the first to introduce the sound of his Lil Boat 3 album last year. In the clip, Yachty dresses up as Oprah, and has Drake and DaBaby as his two guests on the show. That's a ridiculous premise, but Drake and DaBaby's funny answers to Yachty's wild line of questioning make it even better. Everyone remaining serious throughout really sends the hilarity home.

  • "Cry Baby"

    Megan Thee Stallion featuring DaBaby

    For Megan Thee Stallion's "Cry Baby" video, released this year, she and DaBaby are toys in a shop that don't spring to life until the humans are gone. They go on a RC car joyride around the store, Meg dances with other dolls and performs inside of a dollhouse. Then it ends with the employee having a meltdown over the destroyed store. Prepare to be entertained.

  • "Time Today"

    Moneybagg Yo

    Released a few weeks ago, Moneybagg Yo's "Time Today" video has a scene in which he recreates the popular 2000s sitcom Girlfriends since fans on social media have been comparing him to the character William for months. That specific scene is funny because Bagg not only acknowledged the jokes, but fully went along with them. He's a good sport.

  • "Ric Flair Drip"

    Offset and Metro Boomin

    Dropping back in 2017, "Ric Flair Drip" was the biggest song off Offset, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin's Without Warning collaborative project. The video, an homage to famed WWE wrestler Ric Flair, is funny, as Offset and Ric dance together and get fitted for matching robes. Ric has always been known to have eccentric ’fits and he flourishes here.

  • "Holy Moly"

    Blueface featuring NLE Choppa

    In this 2020 video, Blueface and NLE Choppa run a donut shop, inspired by the Holy Moly Donut Shop from the Friday movie series. At the end of the visual, Choppa steals $5 from a customer then calls her broke for wanting it back. Blueface comes back to seemingly save the day, but he takes another $5 too. When these two link up, the laughs are sure to follow.

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