Freddie Gibbs has responded to being dissed by Uncle Murda again on the latest version of the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper's "Rap Up 2022" track.

On Monday (Jan. 2), Freddie Gibbs hopped on Twitter and addressed being name dropped on UM's annual run through of the year's big happenings in hip-hop.

"Uncle Murda be friendly as a box of puppies every time I see him," Freddie Gibbs tweeted.

In a follow-up tweet he added, "I could never be a hype man for a nigga...Fuck these wee wee holding ass niggas. RIP Gangsta Boo."

Freddie Gibbs' response comes on the heels of Uncle Murda releasing his explosive "Rap Up 2022" song on Sunday (Jan. 1). As per usual, Murda unapologetically disses dozens of rappers. In regard to Freddie Gibbs, he brought up the Gary, Ind. rapper getting jumped in Buffalo, N.Y. back in May amid his beef with Benny The Butcher.

"Let's talk about Freddie Gibbs, like really what's up with him?," Uncle Murda rapped. "Niggas robbed him in Buffalo and he got beat up again/He be out here looking like a cold-blooded sucker."

This is not the first time Uncle Murda and Freddie Gibbs have exchanged disses. On Uncle Murda's "Rap Up 2021" track, he also took aim at Freddie.

"Let me smoke a blunt right now and get in my zone/Akademiks said Freddie Gibbs got beat up by Jim Jones (Word)," Murda rapped on last year's version. "I'm not a big fan of his the streets don't rock with him/That be Elliot and B Dot giving all of those props to him (Just sayin')/So when he talk tough we don't believe what he said (We don't)/His father a cop and his brother down with the DEA/Yea I ain't like his reaction when Nas won a Grammy (I didn't)/He never lost in court cuz law enforcement is his family/I know I ain't the only one that feel like he hated/Freddie album ain't deserve to be Grammy nominated (Nope!)"

The diss led to Freddie Gibbs calling out New York rappers.

"So many New York rappers on my dick right now. I can't wait to go to y'all city and show u how to sell it out byke byke," he responded on Twitter.

Of course, Freddie Gibbs wasn't the only person to get flamed by Uncle Murda on the new track. He also dissed Saweetie, questioned the Tory Lanez verdict and much more.

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