Doja Cat has revealed upcoming plans to get surgery done on her breasts.

On Monday (Nov. 28), Doja Cat engaged with some of her 5.5 million Twitter followers in a conversation that led to the Planet Her artist unveiling that she's ready to upgrade her appearance in the form of cosmetic surgery on her breasts. After a Doja Cat fan page, Doja Cat News, tweeted an apparent quote from the Los Angeles rapper regarding what they perceived as her reasons for not receiving any surgical enhancements done to her body, Doja disputed the claim.

"[Doja Cat] on her decision to not get surgery," read the initial tweet from the fan account before diving into Doja's Quote. "'Now to me, beauty is going against it. I love when you take something that is maybe classically beautiful and twist it and make it your own. I want my fans to learn they don't have to be like anyone else.'"

At first, Doja Cat initially responded with the simple one-word question, "Surgery?"

At that point, another Twitter user jumped into the conversation by commenting, "You have no surgery. We know dis."

In response, Doja Cat quickly debunked the two fans' anti-surgery perception of her quote.

She replied: "I'm literally about to get surgery this winter."

A third Doja Cat fan then asked the question that the entire Twitter thread was eager to find out.

"For what," asked the Twitter user, inquiring about the type of surgery Doja has planned.

That's when the "Woman" spitter revealed to her fans that the focus of the upcoming surgery would be to enhance her breasts.

"I just want my titties pulled up cuz some of my tops don't fit the way I want them to," she replied in a very matter-of-fact way.

Doja's new revelation seemed to upset some of her most loyal followers, as another Twitter user, who happens to have a photo of Doja Cat as their profile picture, expressed their distaste for the rapper-singer's personal decision. However, Doja bluntly expressed exactly how that particular comment will not affect her upcoming upgrade in the least.

"If you get surgery, I'm no longer your fan," commented the Twitter user.

Doja Cat simply replied, "And I don't give a fuck."

In a follow-up tweet from the fan account that initially posted the anti-surgery quote in question, a screenshot was shared in an attempt to prove that Doja's current plans for surgery contradict what she had previously said in an interview with Dazed Beauty.

At first, Doja clapped back at the fan account by claiming that the quote from the Dazed Beauty story was taken completely out of context.

"They fucked up the context completely," wrote Doja Cat. "This was about tonsils."

However, upon further review, Doja took back her claims about a potential tonsillectomy and admitted that she was in fact referring to cosmetic surgery.

"[Nevermind] it's about cosmetic," admitted the "Kiss Me More" artist. "Sorry, I read it too fast. They don't use the full interview. They just take the pieces of it that they want and run with that. It was a long as fuck interview."

This isn't the first time Doja Cat and her breasts have made headlines. Back in October, Doja exposed her entire chest region in a viral moment at the tail end of her lavish 27th birthday party. Additionally, in May of 2020, the California-bred rapper admitted that she lied when she said she'd post a photo of her breasts if her song "Say So" made to a No. 1 chart position.

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