Doja Cat is not afraid to alter her appearance no matter how shocking it could be. The Grammy-winning rapper recently shaved off her eyebrows on Instagram Live and she definitely looks different.

On Thursday night (Aug. 4), Doja Cat jumped on IG Live to reveal her newly shaved head. The "Best Friend" rapper went even further and started shaving her eyebrows while her viewers watched.

It's unclear what prompted Doja to shave off her eyebrows. However, she did share with her followers why she shaved her head. Apparently, she was exhausted from wearing wigs while working out and the wig would get tacky due to moisture from sweating.

"I just do not like to have hair," she told her viewers, adding, "I would be working out, but I couldn't focus because I was more concerned about how I looked. Or how my hair was doing, and how to keep it adhered to my scalp."

"I just can't believe that it took me this long to be like, 'Shave your fucking head,'" she concluded.

Outside of shaving off her head and eyebrows, Doja Cat has been recovering from tonsil surgery. Back in May, the Los Angeles rhymer announced that she would have to pull out of festival appearances and The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn World Tour to have surgery on her tonsil.

"I wanted you to hear it from me first," she wrote on her IG Story. "Unfortunately I have to have surgery on my tonsils asap. The surgery is routine but the recovery is going to take awhile (sic) due to swelling. That means I have to cancel my festival run this summer as well as The Weeknd tour."

"I feel horrible about this but can't wait for this to heal and get back to making music and create an experience for y'all," she continued.

Hours after shaving off her eyebrows, Doja Cat hopped on her Twitter account and seemingly responded to those who are making fun of her new look. "ur mom," she tweeted.

It looks like Doja Cat hasn’t lost any of her feistiness.

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