Doja Cat is clapping back at critics of her new look.

On Sunday (Aug. 14), Doja got on Twitter and addressed the people who have apparently been giving her a hard time about shaving her head and eyebrows.

"I won a grammy and traveled the fucking globe i’ve had a #1 and i went platinum," the mini rant started. "I make hit after hit after hit and you all want me to look fuckable for you so that you can go home and jerk your cocks all day long while you live in your mothers basement. Go fuck yourselves."

A Twitter user then challenged Doja Cat's stance, saying the rapper may be thankless.

"Honestly Doja I think you are ungrateful, We support ur music n we want you back to music that all. Just leave Social Media n go focus on music gurl," the fan Tweeted.

Doja fired back, "You're so miserable that you have to label yourself as a 'we'. You aren't part of any collective. You're just another asshole that doesn't know how to read a room."

Doja Cat raised eyebrows when she shaved hers, along with her head, on Instagram Live earlier this month.

"I just do not like to have hair," she told her viewers, adding, "I would be working out, but I couldn't focus because I was more concerned about how I looked. Or how my hair was doing, and how to keep it adhered to my scalp."

"I just can't believe that it took me this long to be like, 'Shave your fucking head,'" she concluded.

The stunt caused people to raise concerns over the "Say So" rapper's mental health. She shot down any notion that there should be any worry.

"That's what I'm saying. I'm rich, I'm fine," she countered the speculation on IG. "Just the whole 'Are you okay, queen?' shit makes me want to rip my...I guess the hair that I have left out and that would be my pubics."

Doja Cat is one of the biggest rappers in the biz, but she has faced backlash several times throughout her career. Most recently, she made headlines for calling out actor Noah Schnapp after he posted a series of the Planet Her artist's direct messages about his Stranger Things co-star, Joseph Quinn. Earlier this year, Doja threatened to quit music altogether after her contractual obligations are fulfilled.

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