DDG is responding to being called a failed rapper following the release of his new song "Famous."

DDG Responds to "Famous" Backlash

On July 14, DDG shared a video on his YouTube channel where he addressed backlash he received due to the song "Famous" off his new album Maybe It's Me...

"I just dropped my project. Make sure you go stream it, despite all the hate I'm getting online," DDG said around the 15:05 mark of the video below. "They calling me a failed rapper. They going in on me."

"Listen, y'all. 'Famous' is just a song," DDG continued. "It's just music, y'all. Just how movies is just movies...Y'all gotta relax and worry about your own stuff. It's all entertainment. This is the entertainment business."

The "I'm Geekin" rapper then questioned if he should quit making YouTube videos to focus on rap.

"Listen, y'all," DDG added. "Stop calling me a failed rapper. I don't want no beef. I'm in my peace mode...Y'all won. I apologize. Please. Failed rapper is crazy."

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DDG Receives Backlash for "Famous" Song

DDG faced backlash on Twitter after he opened up about his insecurities with his girlfriend, actress Halle Bailey, on the new song "Famous" released on July 14.

"I been so insecure that I be thinkin' you really be f**kin' n***as you in movies with/But on the internet, I just be coolin' it, but in my head, a n***a really losin' it," he raps on the song, adding, "Gotta be payin' good 'cause you keep doin' it, I might just tweet somethin' just to ruin it/I got a platform, I'm ambushin' it."

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See video of DDG responding to backlash he received due to his new song "Famous" below.

Watch DDG Responding to Backlash for His New Song "Famous" Below

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