Someone recently added fart noises all over DDG's song "I'm Geekin" and the rapper doesn't think it's funny at all.

DDG Says the Fart Noises Added to "I'm Geekin" Aren't Funny

On Wednesday (June 28), the "Maybach Curtains" rhymer hopped on Twitter and responded to a tweet from a user named Domain, which showed a screenshot of DDG's profile appearing on Spotify by typing poop emojis in the search bar. After discovering that the results led listeners to an altered version of his hit single, "I'm Geekin," the Michigan-based rapper wondered who would do something so absurd.

"Y'all n***as childish.. who tf added farting noises to im geekin in my second verse..," DDG wrote as a response to the tweet.

DDG also expressed how unamusing the whole ordeal was in another tweet, which can be seen below. The modified version of "I'm Geekin" is loaded with fart noises amid DDG's confident bars.

"Weird ass n***as. joke not funny," DDG added.

In a following tweet, DDG doubled down on how the add-ons to "I'm Geekin" weren't hilarious after responding to a clip of the song from another Twitter user, which you can see below. The rapper also stated that whoever was responsible for the switch-up took it too far.

"S**t not even funny tbh," he wrote on Twitter. "Y’all takin s**t too far."

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DDG Has Dropped Five Versions of "I'm Geekin"

On June 16, DDG dropped a remix of "I'm Geekin," featuring NLE Choppa and BIA. DDG has also dropped another version of "I'm Geekin" with Luh Tyler. The original version of "I'm Geekin came out in mid-April. By May, the Die 4 Respect artist premiered a sped up, slowed down and nightcore version of "I'm Geekin."

DDG's lyrics in the trap banger cover his rise to fame.

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Listen to DDG's song with fart noises and find out what he had to say below.

Listen to DDG's "I'm Geekin" With Fart Noises Below

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