DDG is going viral after a video resurfaced of him trolling podcast hosts with his "real" voice.

DDG originally appeared on the Dope as Usual Podcast back in October. During the interview, host Dope as Yola told the former XXL Freshman he'd gotten hundreds of request to ask DDG about his "real" voice.

"I don't understand," Yola said at the 57:05-mark of the interview, confused. "Maybe it's an inside joke. We had like 200 people say, 'Ask him about his real voice.' What does that mean? Is that an inside joke?"

"Nah, it's real," the rapper replied.

"What they think your voice isn't real?" Yola replied. "What?"

"I really talk like this," DDG then said, altering his voice to a low almost frog-like pitch, stunning the podcast hosts. "This my real voice. I just talk like this when I'm trying to make music and make content and shit. But I really talk like this in real life. You can ask anybody. That's how I really talk. When I'm around my family and shit I do that. But, you know, you gotta make a character."

"That fits your face better," the cohost chimed in. "That seems like it would be your tone."

DDG's act has worked, with the video recently going viral. DDG has continued to run with his Barry White imitation. On Nov. 26, he posted a video on Twitter speaking in his newfound baritone where he says he changed his voice for the public because his "real" voice is too damn deep.

Many people have commented about the resurfaced video on social media this week.

"That DDG man needs to embrace his real voice. Don’t be trying to sound like a regular nigga when you sound like a God!" one person tweeted on Monday (Nov. 28).

Others were not convinced.

"I done went down a DDG real voice rabbit hole and I just can’t believe it lmao," someone else posted.

DDG released his new album It's Not Me It's You in September.

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