Boosie BadAzz and his daughter Tori's feud continues. Now, the rapper is claiming he's going to donate the car he recently repossessed from her to charity.

Boosie Claims He Donating Daughter's Car

On Sunday (July 16), Boosie appeared to finalize the saga with his daughter after she called him out on social media for taking her Mercedes-Benz back.

"I done washed my hands," Boosie says in the Instagram Live video below. "Ain't no car coming back. It's over with. I'ma donate that muthaf**ka and pay my taxes. Give it to the cancer foundation."

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Boosie's Daughter Calls Him Out for Taking Back Car

The feud between Boosie and his 17-year-old daughter Tori became public on July 15 when she called him out on Instagram, claiming he took back the pink Benz he bought her last May for her 16th birthday because she left Atlanta to take care of her mother. Boosie countered the claims, saying he took the car back because Tori's mother filed for child support and he feels the mother and daughter are ungrateful.

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See video of Boosie telling his Instagram followers he plans on donating his daughter's car below.

Watch Boosie Claiming He's Going to Donate the Car He Took Back From His Daughter to Charity Below

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