YouTube vlogger Tasha K has offered to pay Cardi B $220,000 quarterly to settle her defamation case.

Tasha K Offers to Pay a Six-Figure Payment to Settle Defamation Case

According to court documents obtained by XXL on Friday (Aug. 25), Tasha K has offered a payment plan to settle her outstanding debt to Cardi B in her defamation case. On Wednesday (Aug. 23), the YouTube vlogger filed a Plan of Reorganization in her Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, which breaks down how Tasha plans to pay off her creditors, including Cardi B.

Tasha's bankruptcy petition indicates that she has only between $50,000-$100,000 in total assets, while her debt ranges from $1 million to $10 million. Her only assets included a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado, home furniture, $500 worth of electronics, $2,500 worth of clothes and two Louis Vuitton purses. Through Tasha's repayment plan, she is offering to pay Cardi B $222,000.00 in 20 quarterly payments to settle her $3.8 million defamation lawsuit.

Cardi B has not yet responded to the proposed plan, but she will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not to approve it. Tasha K's next confirmation hearing is scheduled for Oct. 23, 2023, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

XXL has reached out to Cardi B and Tasha K's attorneys for comment.

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Cardi B Wants Her Money

Cardi B has been relentless in pursuing Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, for the $3.8 million she was awarded in a defamation lawsuit. Tasha has since apologized to the Bronx rhymer after the verdict, but Cardi has not accepted the apology and is still seeking payment.

In April of 2023, a writ of execution was filed against Tasha K. In the document, signed off on by Judge William M. Ray II, it noted that Tasha K's property can be seized to recover the $3,868,753.47 that Cardi was awarded after winning the defamation suit in 2022. Tasha K commented on Cardi B's legal strategy on Twitter.

"Look! Sis & Law I Know you need that cause work is slow for all of us right now, but right now, I ain’t got it!" she tweeted with a list of her debts. "But let your lawyers know that when I’m up, you gone be up & stuck…You get first dibs after this irs bill gets paid."

Cardi B is currently prepping her new album.

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