Offset is opening up about why he cheated on Cardi B after they got married.

Offset Comes Clean About Cheating on Cardi B

On Monday (July 31), Offset was a guest on Way Up With Angela Yee where he talked about infidelity, Takeoff's death and his new album. During the 45-minute convo, the Father of 4 rapper came clean about why he infamously cheated on Cardi B early in their marriage.

"When I did do that, I was in a different space," Offset said about the 18-minute mark of the interview below. "I was young, I had just got married. I'm getting a lot of money. Really communication. We got married, our communication was good, but it wasn't really like I was saying my wants and needs, and vice versa. You'll bump heads if you not communicating. We both on centerstage. All our business is always public. The communication is what it was. I was young."

"I was on different s**t," Offset added. "I was on lean then, too. I was making bad decisions not realizing it was really affecting my family. It was just me thinking about my own."

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Offset Says He's Grown Out of His Old Ways

"Then when I get past that," Offset added. "Why you think she love me like she love me? My growth. I done showed. I'm a real one. I'm not gon' keep playing with you, because it's affecting you. It's heartbreaking. It's wrong."

Back in 2018, Cardi B and Offset split following a year of marriage after Offset reportedly cheated on the "Be Careful" rapper. Of course, they eventually patched things up.

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See video of Offset's new interview with Angela Yee below.

Watch Offset on Way Up With Angela Yee Below

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