YouTube vlogger Tasha K is speaking out after losing the lawsuit this week that Cardi B filed against her for defamation back in 2019.

On Wednesday (Jan. 26), Tasha K, real name Latasha Kebe, posted a video on her YouTube channel titled "Tasha K's Official Statement on The Verdict," in which she called the ruling "extremely prejudicial" and blasted "the machine" for bullying her.

“These last four years fighting this conspiracy case have been extremely challenging," Tasha K began in her 12-minute long video. "The verdict handed down on Monday was no shock to myself, my husband or my legal team."

“We called bluff against a machine that wanted to bully me for not wavering from my personal beliefs," she continued. “A machine that has corporate interests to protect prostitution, drug use, promiscuity and to glorify the violence that wreaks havoc in our society and in our neighborhood.”

Tasha K didn’t elaborate on who or what "the machine" is that she was referring to, however, she claimed that this "machine" threatened her life as well. The 39-year-old blogger also touted her channel as a platform that creates news and sheds light on the issues that’s going on in society. Tasha K said that her First Amendment rights were painted to the public and the courts as a "bully, vile and malicious towards a machine that glorifies a lifestyle meant to serve modern-day genocide on our people."

Near the end of the video, Tasha K said "the machine" won’t stop her and she will continue to fight for the truth and take it to the Supreme Court, if necessary, to get justice. "This is my life and I will spend my life fighting for my livelihood and our First Amendment right as human beings," she said.

She closed the video thanking her fans (a.k.a. Winos) for their support and announced that her gossip show will resume on Friday (Jan. 28).

Tasha K’s video comes after she was found guilty of two counts of slander plus one count each of libel and invasion of privacy on Tuesday (Jan. 24) in Cardi B's lawsuit against her. In court documents obtained by XXL on Thursday (Jan. 27), Latasha Kebe was ordered to pay the Bronx, N.Y. rapper $1.5 million in punitive damages and $1,338,753.47 in litigation expenses. She also has to pay for Cardi's medical expenses, which was reduced from $250,000 to $25,000, making the full amount Tasha has to pay nearly $3 million.

Watch Tasha K’s statement video below.

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