Cardi B had two unfortunate incidents that caused her to throw her microphone. While in Las Vegas, Bardi threw her mic at a woman who tossed a drink at her and did the same thing to a DJ a night prior.

Cardi B Throwing Microphones in Las Vegas

On Saturday (July 29), Pop Base shared a video of Cardi B performing "Bodak Yellow" at a daytime party when suddenly a spectator threw a drink at her with splashes of liquid hitting her face. Shocked by the egregious act, the Grammy Award-winning rapper responded by throwing her microphone at the woman.

Cardi is then seen fixing her hair as security jumped into the crowd and appeared to be escorting the transgressor out of the venue. You can watch the video below.

The Bronx, N.Y. rhymer also threw a microphone at a DJ on Friday night (July 28) in a separate incident. In a TikTok video posted by user kfen777, Cardi is seen performing barefoot onstage at Drai's Beach Club in Las Vegas when she becomes enraged after the DJ allegedly cuts her songs off too soon.

The 30-year-old artist was performing her diamond-selling hit "I Like It" when she closed her set with a confetti celebration. That's when she suddenly threw the microphone towards the DJ booth and stormed off the stage.

The clip left viewers confused in the comment section. But user kfen777 explained in the comments that the DJ had cut Cardi B off multiple times during her set, which had clearly pissed her off. You can see the clip below.

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Cardi B Has Been Accused of Hitting a Fan with a Microphone in the Past

Last year, while performing at the 2022 Wireless Festival in London, Cardi B allegedly used her microphone to hit a fan.

In a viral video, the "Jealousy" rapper appeared to be fighting with someone in the crowd when she started swinging the microphone up and down before throwing it at the person. Online reports suggested that Cardi was upset that a fan was touching her so she allegedly hit the spectator with her mic.

However, Cardi jumped on Twitter to deny that she assaulted anyone with a microphone at her show. "It wasn't NO FIGHT! @itsKenBarbie got the whole thing on their page," she tweeted. Later, the rapper posted: "Don't believe everything you see."

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See video of Cardi B throwing her mic at a concertgoer below.

Watch Cardi B Throw a Microphone at Someone During Two Separate Incidents

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