Shaquille O'Neal is disputing Soulja Boy's claim of being the first rapper with the mythical $1 million bill.

On Wednesday (Dec. 7), Soulja Boy hopped on his Instagram Story to do a little rich flexing for fans. In the clip, Big Draco is sitting in a car with a money bag full of stacks of cash.

"First rapper with the $1 million bill," Soulja Boy says in the video, while showing a single bill noted to be worth $1 million. The bill has an image of the Statue of Liberty in place of a bust of a former president. "They not having $1 million. They not having it."

On Thursday (Dec. 8), basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal debated SB's proclamation in the comment section of an Instagram blog about the Soulja Boy video.

"You not the first. I was back in 1992," Shaq commented.

Soulja Boy later commented on Shaq's boast.

"Why he on my head?" Soulja Boy wrote on his Instagram Story, along with an article about Shaq's post. "I forgot Shaq was a rapper. Shoutout to the legend."

The $1 million bill flex is a bit of a strange one, considering the $1 million bill is nothing more than a novelty item. The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has never printed $1 million bills.

In 1992, Shaquille O'Neal was chosen by the Orlando Magic with the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft and signed a $17.4 million contract with the team. He released his debut album Shaq Diesel the following year.

Soulja Boy's "first rapper to do everything" shtick has become his calling card. In October, he claimed to be the first rapper with a personal sandwich holder.

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Shaquille O'Neal disputes Soulja Boy.
Soulja Boy concedes Shaq had $1 million bill.

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Big spendin'.

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