Soulja Boy is pissed off about the changes to Twitter and he's lashing out at the new owner of the social networking app, Elon Musk.

On Nov. 11, Soulja Boy hopped on Twitter to share his displeasure after learning Twitter users can now pay $8 a month to get a verified check, one of the biggest changes in the app since the Tesla CEO took over.

"Now u can just pay to be verified? Twitter has been destroyed," the "Rick and Morty" rapper posted.

"Bro leave twitter alone @elonmusk wtf are you doing," he typed in a follow-up Tweet, directly addressing Elon Musk. The issues with Twitter's changes have prompted Draco to explore making his own app.

"Wow… I can’t believe this. Fuck it I’m going to create my own app," Soulja Boy added. "Bye twitter [deuces emoji] catch me on instagram until my app launches."

Soulja Boy isn't the first rapper to express frustration with Elon Musk over his changes to Twitter. Last week, Doja Cat also called out the billionaire entrepreneur after changing her Twitter name to "Christmas" and being unable to change it back.

"Why can’t i change my name on here," she tweeted, following up a minute later with the post, "How do i change it also f*ck you elon."

"I don’t wanna be christmas forever @elonmusk please help i’ve made a mistake," she added.

Elon Musk noticed Doja's posts several minutes later and responded by saying he was working on fixing the problem.

"@DojaCat Working on it!" he tweeted. "@DojaCat Pretty funny though," he added with two crying laughing emojis.

Doja Cat has since changed her Twitter name to "Fart."

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