Drake opened a can of worms when he mentioned Rick Ross' name on Drizzy's new diss track. In response, Rozay has returned fire on wax and is relentlessly trolling Aubrey. In his latest stunt, Ross has released the official cover art for his Drake diss "Champagne Moments," which is supposed to show a White version of Drake. But where did the photo come from?

Who Is the Man on the "Champagne Moments" Cover?

Other than looking hilariously like an alternate version of Drake, the true identity of the White man on the cover has been hard to come by. However, its origins may date back to 2022 when a poster on the website 9Gag shared the image and claimed it was a photo from their grandmother's yearbook.

"Looking through my nanas old yearbook & found white drake," the post is captioned.

From there, the photo became a meme, with people constantly comparing the picture to a fully Caucasian version of Drake.

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Why Did Rick Ross Use This Photo?

In Rick Ross' new diss track, one of his main points of slander against Drake is attacking his mixed race.

"Weezy gave you the juice/Another White boy at the park wanna hang with the crew," Rozay raps on the Mini Boom and Trop-produced track.

"You ain't never want to be a n***a anyway, n***a," Ross adds in the outro. "That's why you had a operation to make your nose smaller than your father nose, n***a."

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See the "Champagne Moments" cover art and listen to the track below.

Stream Rick Ross' "Champagne Moments"

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