Pusha T is jokingly being connected to the cocaine recently found at the White House.

Fans Think Pusha T Has Something to Do With White House Cocaine

On Wednesday (July 5), a white substance that was found in the POTUS' Washington D.C. residence on July 2 had reportedly tested positive for cocaine. The news has become a trending topic and fans have been jokingly tying Pusha T, the Vincent van Gogh of Blow, to the incident.

"Cocaine in the White House is breaking news? I have a strong feeling that allllll politician parties are sponsored by Pusha T," one fan posted on Twitter.

"They found cocaine at the White House? Pusha T has 24 hours to respond," another person tweeted.

Others predicted the lines Pusha T would come up with surrounding the situation.

"100% chance Pusha T is writing a verse about the coke found in the White House at this exact moment," someone else opined.

"Cocaine inside the White House, talk about exciting/That’s a Pusha T bar, damn, let me get to writing," another Twitter user wrote as potential bars. "Fishing for attention but they mentions never biting/All that white powder they should call em Snow Biden."

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Cocaine Found at the White House

On Sunday (July 2), officials discovered a white powdery substance near the entrance to the West Wing of the White House where people take tours. The discovery caused a brief shutdown of the White House. On Wednesday, officials revealed the substance tested positive for cocaine. The Secret Service has launched a full investigation into the incident.

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Look at tweets from Pusha T fans connecting him to the White House cocaine incident below.

See More Fans Jokingly Connecting Pusha T to the Cocaine Found at the White House Below

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