According to N.O.R.E., there's no more static between him and Cam'ron.

"Just spoke to cam we good !!!," the Queens rapper tweeted on May 1.


N.O.R.E is responding to catching strays from Cam'ron while Killa was recently calling out Joe Budden.

On Sunday (April 30), N.O.R.E. hopped on social media to address Cam calling him out about comments he made on The Joe Budden Podcast back in February.

Sharing a compilation of Cam shouting out N.O.R.E. on Instagram, the Drink Champs cohost captioned the video, "Me and you are friends from the 90s. You have my real life phone number. You hung out with me for days before you did Drink Champs just to make sure I was the same yande that you know. If you thought at any time I was going at you, Why would you go to the internet 1st? & That’s the only reason why I’m replying here as well."

He continued, "You & Trick Daddy are NOT failed rappers. Y'all are successful rappers. That footage from Joe Budden show is old footage. Ya show wasn't created yet!!! I never saw a single footage of ya shit so there's no way I could've been talking bout u !!! I know u to arrogant , intelligent and confident!!! I'm talking bout failures you're not a failure so what u worried bout!!! Let not do this internet thing if u felt offended hit my line !!! Love always!!! I love u @mr_camron my number ain't change!!!"

This all started on April 28, when Cam took comments Joe Budden and N.O.R.E. made during a February episode of TJBP about seeing rappers-turned podcasters fail as direct shots. Cam, who recently launched his It Is What It Is show, felt like he was the target of the shade.

"Damn @therealnoreaga told you I couldn’t trust you," Cam'ron captioned the interview snippet. "Lolol. Im just f**king wit ya. But what other rapper from the 90’s got the sports and cooking show? U know u my n***a for life. But ya man hoe buddons threw u under the bus on the very Nx episode [man facepalm emoji] said he didn’t know who u was talking bout. I don’t give a f**k how his numbers is N.O. Stay away from that crack head!!!!"

Joe Budden responded to being dissed by Cam on his Instagram Story.

"Now that n***a know he too sensitive to do this w me," Joe typed. "Chill before I feel like playin' back & you start makin' calls again. Focus on your suits and pink set, that 'crackhead' lapped you lonnggggggggggg ago."

Cam appeared to want all the smoke, "You right I ain't gonna play wit u...wya [where you at]?" he responded.

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