Latto likes to "Spend It" and lucky for her, she doesn't have to pay for anything. In a recent interview, Big Latto disclosed that her boyfriend pays all her bills.

In a video interview with Atlanta's Hot 107.9 radio personality J Nicks, which was posted on Jan. 27 on YouTube, Latto was asked how she keeps her relationship status so secret. The Grammy-nominated rapper stated that she's in a "real relationship" and it stays off social media, period.

When asked if she wanted to have kids, Latto said she didn't want any children. However, the "Big Energy" rhymer encouraged other women to "go crazy" [or have babies] with their man as long as they were in a committed relationship. That's when Latto admitted that her boyfriend makes sure she's OK and pays all her bills.

"If it's yours, go crazy,” she said at the 7-minute mark in the video below. "I got the [Cor]vette, I got the Lam[borghini], I got the Birkins, I got the Heart. I don’t pay no bills. If he comin' like that, then yeah."

J Nicks asked Latto to clarify that her boyfriend holds her down financially.

"I don't pay no bills!" she reiterated. "That's how it's supposed to be, though. If he comin' right, he comin' right."

Latto didn't reveal who her boyfriend is or what he does for a living. The 24-year-old rhymer isn't the only artist who believes women shouldn't have to pay for anything.

Last June, YK Osiris disclosed that he believes women who are in serious relationships with men shouldn’t pay any bills.

"Let me tell y’all something," YK said in a video uploaded to his Instagram page. "If you’re still paying for hair and nails, I’m talking [about] any bills, any bills, any bills, if you’re still paying for bills and you got a man...good night!"

"If you are still paying bills like any type of bills like phone bills and stuff like that, and you’re telling me you got a boyfriend and you are still paying your phone bills and your nails? What is the world [coming to]?" he wondered.

Paying bills aside, Latto is hoping to bring home some hardware at the 2023 Grammy Awards this Sunday (Feb. 5). She's up for Best New Artist and Best Melodic Rap Performance for "Big Energy." The Grammy Awards telecast starts at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Watch Latto's Interview with J Nicks of Atlanta's Hot 107.9 Radio Station Below

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