Kodak Black's attorney Bradford Cohen is speaking out for his client following news of a warrant being issued for Yak's arrest after he allegedly failed to report for a random drug screening. Cohen says Kodak's fame may in fact be hurting him in legal issues.

Kodak Black's Attorney Comments on Rapper's Recent Arrest Warrant

On Friday (June 23), Kodak Black's longtime attorney Bradford Cohen shared a post on Instagram addressing the South Florida rapper's recent legal issues.

"Now, on the open charge [Kodak Black] has in Broward, we have been holding back to see if he would be treated the same as any other defendant," Cohen captioned a photo of the "Super Gremlin" rapper posing with a child. "One of the defendants that was stopped the same day as kodak had a gun and 8 pills on him. He got diversion. Kodaks case is he had a prescription for pain medication due to his shooting and prior physical injuries. The state is saying that prescription doesn't show up on his enforcse record, so they ignore it. 4 days after the stop, he got a new valid prescription," Cohen added in reference to Kodak Black's arrest in July of 2022 where police allegedly discovered over 30 Oxycodone pills and $75,000 on the rapper during a traffic stop.

"It doesn't matter to the Broward State Atty office," Cohen continued. "The authorities have followed him, stopped him , and did anything and everything to see if they could get a crime on him. Going so far to open an investigation for carrying more than 10k in cash. The week before he was stopped, they accidentally stopped another rapper, mistakenly thinking it was Kodak."

"So once again, you see that there is a 2 tier system," Cohen added. "If he was a nobody, this case would be a possession without a prescription bottle. Being famous or having notoriety does not benefit you in court usually. It hurts you, and you are subject usually to a more severe punishment. We have been messaged by many pharmacists discussing how eforcse can be inaccurate."

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Kodak Black's Recent Legal Issues

Kodak Black was arrested last July and charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and traffick in Oxycodone 14 less than 25 grams. He was released the following day on a $75,000 bond.

In February, police issued a warrant for Kodak Black's arrest after he took a mandatory drug screening and tested positive for Fentanyl. Kodak avoided being jailed and was given a month in a drug rehab facility. Last week, a judge issued another warrant for the rapper's arrest after he failed to show up for a drug screening.

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